How We Can Help

Our team is made up of dedicated volunteers who understand how important acceptance and patience is to our families. We provide a sense of community for individuals with Down syndrome, and support for their families so they can feel connected and thrive together.

Welcoming New and Expectant Parents

Learning that your baby has Down syndrome is an overwhelming and emotional experience for most parents. You may initially feel confused, frightened, angry, saddened and/or isolated.

The most important thing to remember is that a baby is a baby first and is not defined by his or her diagnosis of Down syndrome. MCDSIG has a wonderful group of parents of children with Down syndrome available to offer support and information.

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Providing Information and Resources

There is a vast array of Down syndrome-related information and resources available, and MCDSIG can connect you to them and help you navigate through them by:

  • Providing presentations and targeted information on appropriate topics such as estate planning, health/medical issues, early intervention, school-related issues, etc.
  • Offering professional speakers.
  • Communicating events that could be of interest to our members.


Connecting Families

The most valuable information comes from other DS families. MCDSIG fosters connections between families by:

  • Providing guidance and information to new parents and families on available services, therapists and doctors, education options, etc.
  • Offering parent-to-parent mentoring for those new to the journey.
  • Fostering an open forum that allows parents to seek support and advice.
  • Hosting social and informational meetings to increase family-to-family communication and promote friendships.

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