Ages 3 – 6

Resources for your young child

Education and Transitions

Like all other students in the school system, children with special needs go through major transitions as they enter preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school and graduation into adulthood. Parents need to work with their school district’s planning teams to make sure that these students have the services and supports […]

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Transitioning from Early Intervention to the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is responsible by law for providing early education services for eligible children age three (3) to school age in the Commonwealth. The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit 23, through an agreement with the Department of Education, is contracted to deliver those services in Montgomery County. In […]

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You will likely hear from others that “people with Down syndrome are always happy.”  We know, as family members, that is not the case! People with Down syndrome have the same emotions and feelings as all humans.  But, when you factor in speech difficulties, sensory issues, cognitive delays and other […]

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Potty Training

Many parents are eager to start a toilet training program for their children. However, some parents may be ready to start before their children are ready. It is always recommended to wait until the child has reached an appropriate age. It is typically recommended to wait until after the second […]

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Health Supervision

Your pediatrician will be an important source of information and support in caring for your child. It will be important for your pediatrician to be aware of the diagnosis and to be prepared to help with caring for a child with Down syndrome. To help your pediatrician prepare for the […]

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