Learning Program

MCDSIG has been delivering The Learning Program™ since 2013. The program is a research- based educational model and resource to empower parents as advocates for their children, improve academic outcomes and to train parents as first educators to supplement traditional education to their children.

The Learning Program™ was created in 2004 by Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County (DSFOC) and inspired by over 30 years of research conducted by Down Syndrome Education International.

The program’s goal is to bridge the gap between research and practice. DSF has partnered with educators, researchers, therapists and administrators to develop a program that uses effective teaching strategies and customized materials to support parents, teachers and children in the educational process.

About The Learning Program™

The MCDSIG LP runs from September through June at Saint Rose of Lima School in North Wales, PA. The program complements formal instruction in literacy and math. It also has movement and occupational therapy components, and educates parents and their children in parallel sessions.

Registration for the 2017-2018 school year is currently closed. For more information or if you would like to get on our wait list for next year, please contact us.

MCDSIG LP currently offers curriculum for:

  • Pre-K/Level 1 (age 4-6 years old)
  • Level 2 (Kindergarten/1st grade)
  • Level 3 (2nd-4th grade)
  • Level 4 (4th-7th grade)

Each level has 12 kids participating. The children are introduced to the monthly concepts in a classroom run by trained special educators and volunteers with a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio.

The DSFOC has developed an online program if you live outside of the tri-state area. For more information, click here.

Parents as First-Educators

A core component of the model is to educate parents in research-based interventions.

The program runs a parent session in parallel to the children’s session. Parents are introduced to concepts, share experiences, and materials to help build strong academic foundations and a love for learning.

Support Materials

The MCDSIG LP complements formal instruction through effective teaching strategies and customized materials to support parents, teachers and children with Down syndrome in the educational process.

Access additional resources and purchase materials to support students with Down syndrome and others with visual learning strengths.

View LP Favorites here.