Medical Assistance / Pennsylvania Access

Medical Assistance (also known as Medicaid) is a public insurance system with eligibility mainly based on income. It is jointly funded by the federal and state governments and administered by state governments. It is not “welfare” and does not provide its beneficiaries with cash assistance.

Medical Assistance has the broadest coverage of medical and mental health services for persons under 18 of any insurance plan. It covers services rarely covered by employer provided insurance such as Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (“wraparound”), in-home shift nursing (2 hours or more per day), in-home personal care services, diapers, nutritional supplements, prescriptions and transportation to and from medical appointments. It also covers services like in-home nursing, physical, speech or occupational therapy, without annual or lifetime caps often imposed by other insurance plans. Medical Assistance can be a child’s only insurance or it can be secondary to other coverage.

Resources for Medical Assistance: