Rock Your Socks for World Down Syndrome Day

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

On 3/21/23 you’re invited to celebrate #WDSD23 with us! Invite family, friends, schools, classmates and others in your community (business, police, church, gyms, etc.) to celebrate with us (and tag MCDSIG). Share a picture of you and your family rocking your socks on social media. Use this day to start conversations that lead to education, acceptance, inclusion and equity for our loved ones.

Why rock socks?
It’s fun!
It’s easy for people to participate!
It’s inexpensive!
It’s a conversation starter that can lead to changed minds and hearts!

…..And when you look at the karotype (picture) chromosomes look like bright colorful socks! People with Down syndrome have an extra 21st chromosome (3/21!!!) and they rock it!
So rock your most colorful, fun, spunky socks to celebrate the individuality and contributions of people with Down syndrome.

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